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    Yumbox is a practical and fun lunch box solution designed to help you pack healthy meals for your kids. With a leak-proof design and portion control compartments, Yumbox makes it easy to pack a variety of foods for school, work or on-the-go.

    Yumbox Original Leakproof Bento Lunch Box 6 Compartments


    Yumbox Presto Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box


    Yumbox Panino Leakproof Bento Lunch Box


    Yumbox Poche Insulated Lunch Bag Sleeve With Handles


    Yumbox Tapas Leakproof Bento Lunch Box 5 Compartment


    Yumbox Lunch Box NZ

    Welcome to Ocare's distinguished range of Yumbox lunch boxes, the pinnacle of style and functionality, tailored for New Zealand's budding gourmands. Dive deep into our selection and discover how the Yumbox design intertwines practicality with culinary joy.

    Why Choose Yumbox Lunch Box at Ocare?

    Designed for NZ's Vibrant Youth

    Every Yumbox lunch box NZ resonates with the dynamic lifestyle of Kiwi kids. Whether trekking in the Waitakere Ranges or enjoying a seaside picnic in Napier, Yumbox ensures every bite is fresh and delicious.

    Innovative Compartments for Diverse Tastes

    Bid farewell to the mundanity of regular meals. The Yumbox lunch box is renowned for its ingeniously segmented compartments, perfect for a well-balanced meal that satisfies both taste and nutrition.

    Leakproof and Durable

    Made to withstand the energetic pace of children, Yumbox lunch boxes are not only robust but also leakproof, ensuring that meals stay intact, irrespective of the adventures that lie ahead.

    Ecological Commitment

    Constructed with eco-friendly materials, every Yumbox lunch box NZ, or any childrens lunchbox from Ocare signifies a commitment to the environment, aligning with New Zealand's cherished green values.

    Yumbox: A Culinary Journey in Every Box

    The Yumbox isn't just a lunch box; it's a dining experience. With vibrantly themed compartments like "protein" and "dairy", children embark on a flavorful journey that educates and delights.

    The Yumbox Philosophy: More Than Just Lunch

    At the heart of every Yumbox lunch box is a philosophy that transcends beyond merely packing a meal. It's about fostering a love for diverse foods, making nutrition an exciting journey, and shaping young minds to value balanced diets.

    Interactive & Educational Eating

    With the Yumbox lunch box NZ range, mealtime transforms into an engaging learning experience. The themed compartments aren't just for organising food; they're conversation starters. Parents can discuss the significance of each food group with their children, turning lunch hours into insightful nutritional lessons.

    A Global Taste Palette, the Kiwi Way

    Yumbox encourages children to explore global flavours while staying rooted in the rich food culture of New Zealand. From local produce to international delicacies, Yumbox compartments can hold a world of tastes, ensuring young Kiwis grow up with a broad culinary horizon.

    Ocare & Yumbox: Crafting Future Food Connoisseurs

    Through our partnership with Yumbox, Ocare aims to shape the next generation of food enthusiasts. We believe that an appreciation for food, coupled with knowledge, is the key to healthy living. And with the Yumbox collection, we bring this vision to life, one delightful meal at a time.

    Discover Yumbox Lunch Boxes at Ocare Today!

    Parents of Aotearoa, it's time to elevate the dining escapades of your little ones. Explore Ocare’s elite collection of Yumbox lunch boxes and infuse excitement into every lunch hour.

    Yumbox Lunch Box - Frequently Asked Questions 

    How does the Yumbox lunch box make mealtime educational for children?

    The Yumbox lunch box, with its vibrantly themed compartments, serves as more than just a container for food. Each section is labelled based on food groups or dietary components, making it a perfect starting point for parents to discuss the nutritional value and significance of each food type. This interactive design promotes an understanding of balanced diets and encourages children to explore diverse foods, turning every meal into an educational experience.

    How does the Yumbox lunch box NZ range cater to both local and global tastes?

    Yumbox is designed to accommodate a myriad of culinary delights, from the fresh produce of New Zealand to international dishes. Its compartments are versatile, allowing parents to pack a mix of local and global flavours. This design fosters a broader culinary horizon, ensuring that young Kiwis not only appreciate their rich food culture but also develop a taste for global cuisines, making them future food connoisseurs.

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